Ultimate Jurassic Dinosaur Playset Children's educational toys


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Default Title

Quantity: 12pcs

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Material: Plastic/Plastic

Plastic material classification: ABS

Plastic building block type: small particles

Number of blocks (pieces): 0-38 pieces (pieces)

Applicable age: Above 15 years old


  • Ultimate Jurassic Dinosaur Playset: Immerse your children in the dinosaur world with unique Dinosaur Toy Figurines.
  • Learn as you play with an Educational Dinosaur book to help the baby's reading skills and tap into your kid’s curiosity.
  • Educational & Developmental Toys: Let your child unplug from gadgets and let them enter an imaginative world of Jurassic Dinosaurs. 
  • Grow your child's social skills and reading skills when playing with the ultimate Jurassic Dinosaur set.
  • Child Safe: Dinosaurs baby toys are made of non-toxic material and feature realistic detailing for the best educational displays and everyday play.


  • Super Realistic
  • Reliable Materials and Design
  • Best Choice For Dinosaur Lovers
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