Soft Rubber Baby Shower Bathing Toys


style: Rainbow

Water droplets
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1. The bathroom toys are made of safe and durable free rubber, which is not easy to damage.
2. The smooth surface and rounded corners protect your child from cutting. A great gift for children!
3. They do not fit the baby's mouth. No need to worry about your child swallowing it. The best choice for moms and babies to take a bath.
4. Bright colors and cute cartoons make babies accustomed to washing their hair. Let your child like to take a bath.
5. With simple physics, parents can explain the water cycle and why they can keep water in these toys when they play with these bathroom toys. Cultivate your baby's motor skills, understand cause and effect, and stimulate curiosity, imagination and senses.

Product information:

Material: Vinyl
3C configuration category: plastic toys under 14 years old
Commodity 3C certification code: 2016012203900753
Color: white cloud, thunderstorm, water drop, rainbow
Applicable age: Juvenile (7-14 years old)

Size information:

Cloudy: size 10.4*6.4*8.2CM
Thunder Cloud: Size 10*6.5*7CM
Raindrops: size 7*7*10.2CM
Rainbow: size 9*6.5*4CM

Package Content:

1*silicone toys

Packing list :

Water toys*1

Additional Information

Rainbow, Thunderstorm, Water droplets, Cloud