Silicone Cartoon Toothbrush for Baby


Color: Blue

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Product Information:

It is made of excellent silica gel and matched with 2 large and small toothbrush heads, which can be replaced and used. Cute protective sheet design, the baby brushes teeth too deep into the mouth. The toothbrush head is soft and delicate. It can massage the gums while cleaning the teeth, and the tongue can be cleaned on the back to protect the baby’s oral health.
Before the first use and after each use, please wash with clean water, shake off the water, and dry in a cool, ventilated place.
When disinfection, it can be scalded with boiling water for one minute. Prolonged boiling and disinfection may cause deformation.
Do not use corrosive chemicals for cleaning.
Do not leave the product near the fire source for a long time.
This package contains important information, please keep it properly.

This product is used under adult supervision.
Please check the product before each use. If it is damaged, please replace it in time.
Do not use any parts as toys. When not in use, please keep the unused parts out of the reach of children.

1. Pull out the eggshell guard and the toothbrush head to be replaced, and insert the new toothbrush head.
2. Clip the eggshell protective sheet into the groove.
3. For babies over 6 months old, mothers can massage their gums with a small toothbrush head.
4. Babies over 10 months old can clean their mouth with a large toothbrush head.

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