Multi-function toy keyboard Children's musical instruments practice early education puzzle enlightenment baby toys

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Material: Plastic

Ability development: intellectual development, manual brain, crawling, interest development, emotion, parent-child communication, sensory, hand-eye coordination, vision


  • Stylish appearance, easy to carry, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.
  • Can let the child learn rich music knowledge, develop the sense of rhythm, training the coordination of left and right hands, so that beginners can master the basic standard playing skills.
  • This piano is small and is portable and convenient to learn by toddlers..
  • It can cover the needs of children and primary school students.
  • Digital label, help you find the corresponding button faster.
  • External devices such as microphones can be connected, parents can prepare their children's favorite songs and sing them while playing.
  • The recording function allows you to record your inspiration at any time.


  • The toy keyboard for toddlers is a very suitable gift for piano beginners. 
  • It is comfortable to use, does not hurt your fingers, and has a rich tone, which is very suitable for piano practice.