Electric Automatic Baby Toothbrush


Color: Pink


power: USB

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1. The soft material, the tender gums are soft and pampered, let us see the bristles that are invisible to the naked eye
2. Sonic vibration cleans, removes residual dirt between the teeth and the surface, restores clean and bright teeth, and efficiently whitens teeth
3. Cute and cute bear pattern, colorful, make babies fall in love with brushing teeth
4. Easy to hold and hold, specially designed for the baby's palm size, making the baby feel more comfortable to hold, good teeth and appetite
5.2 minutes smart timing, 30 seconds area reminder, you don't need to learn, don't need to know a touch, your baby learns to brush his teeth.
6.IPX7 waterproof, no matter you take a shower or take a bath to break the restraint, you can brush whatever you want
7. Acoustic frequency that meets children's oral safety standards
8. After booting, press and hold for 3S to turn off, the gear indicator flashes quickly when the battery is low, and the green light is always on when it is fully charged

3 gear modes to meet different needs
Spiral bristles, soft and soft
2 minutes smart timer
Sonic vibration to remove tooth stains
IPX7 waterproof, no fear of water source
No damage to tooth enamel, health care

Three modes:
Clean mode (LED green light is on) · Get up in the morning and use Good Morning mode to remove odors and clean tartar
Gentle mode (LED green light is always on) polished, bright, white and clean front teeth
Whitening mode (LED green light is on) promotes circulation and strengthens teeth

Product Information:

Product Category: Electric Toothbrush
Gear position: 3 gears
Power supply mode: USB
Battery capacity: below 800mAh
Motor type: Coreless motor

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Pink, Blue