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  • Develops babies' imagination, focuses on mathematics and cognitive ability.
  • The surface is smooth and burr-free, and the wood is strong and durable.
  • Interesting number recognition: Improve your baby's basic arithmetic ability and let your baby win at the starting line.
  • To accompany the growth of the child, the mother chooses carefully.
  • Cultivate children's perception of color concepts, bright colors attract children's attention.
  • Large particles, specially designed for baby's small hands, are easy to take.
  • Environmental protection safety, the use of high quality wood, environmental protection, water-based paint, safety and non-toxic, mommy assured.
  • The wooden base has different Numbers of columns according to different shapes, and the baby can pair the geometric shapes with the column in their hands. 
  • The Baby can identify the shape and count the holes in the column to train their forebrain and hand-eye coordination ability.
  • The cognitive simple geometric shapes, and the relationship between the blocks and set column, simultaneously exercises the baby hand eye coordination ability and logical thinking ability.


  • Children must use it under the adult’s tutelage.
  • Don’t throw the toy away to each other.
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