Children's Educational Soothing Musical Toys


Color: Orange

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Color: Orange MAP caterpillar, yellow MAP caterpillar

Packing method: net bag

3C configuration category: plush toys under 14 years old

Material: Cloth

Applicable stage: 0-36 months


  • Music caterpillar head has built-in music, squeezes the head, and emits cheerful and lovely music. Interesting music can greatly attract the baby's attention and stimulate their interaction.
  • The baby toy is designed specifically for the growth of babies, baby rattle toys help promote the baby's visual development.
  •  The caterpillar is composed of many colored parts. Bright colors and unique shapes can greatly help your baby develop eye tracking skills.
  • The caterpillar baby musical toy is also a good baby companion. The unique ruler design allows the mother to measure the height of the baby at any time. Two kinds of measuring scales greatly facilitate the recording of a baby's height.
  • Not only the head music, the built-in rattle, but also the BB ring paper layer of other parts can also produce sound to attract the baby's attention. Soft baby toys can attract babies to squeeze and make sounds, not only to promote auditory development, but also to promote the development of hand muscles.
  • Baby safety is always the top priority. The music caterpillar uses environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials. When your child's favorite plush toy is licked, please rest assured-it does not contain BPA and will not harm your baby in any way.
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Orange, Yellow