Baby Spoon Bottle Feeder


Color: Blue

Navy blue
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Colour: Blue, Pink, Yellow, White, Navy blue

Material: spoon head, bottle body [food grade silicone], other food grade PP

Capacity: 120 ml


  • Baby Spoon Bottle Feeder is used to feed semi-liquid complementary food, 
  • Put your baby’s cereal or puree in the soft silicone baby feeder bottle and gently squeeze the base until the desired amount of food collects on the spoon feeder to feed the baby.
  • The easy-to-use design allows you to adjust the amount of food your baby eats, which helps your child to develop healthy eating habits.
  • The Spoon Bottle Feeder allows the baby to smoothly transition to the solid food stage.


  • Convenient one-hand function
  • The food flows out from the spoon hole, which is convenient for feeding,
  • Suitable for milk, recipes, rice, paste, porridge, etc.
  • Wide-neck design of the baby spoon bottle feeder allows for easy cleaning by hand without a brush.
  • Made with durable, high quality, food grade silicone.
  • Safe for use in microwaves, boiling water, dishwashers (top rack only), and bottle sterilizers.
  • BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.
  • Easy to wash


Disinfection can be 120 degrees or less, boiled or steamed 

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Blue, Pink, Yellow, White, Navy blue