Baby Drinking Sippy Cup


Color: Yellow

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Color: Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink

Material: Food grade PP plastic

Packet Included: 1 X Baby Straw Cup


  • The baby sippy cup is made of such material which is heat resistant and BPA free.
  • No odorous taste or smell comes from the baby sippy cup.
  • The baby sippy cup also has a soft silicone spout to prevent hurting the baby's throat.
  • The straw of the sippy cup is constructed to be hard to drop even pull it firmly,
  • This is the best sippy cup for toddlers as there is no water leakage.

Characteristic Design

  • The sippy cup is leak proof design and has a gravity ball on straw.
  • Cute and lovely baby sippy cup design will make kids like the bottle.

Easy to clean

  • Wide open mouth of the baby sippy cup keeps you easy to put anything in it. Which can also make the cleaning thing more easier.
  • The material of the baby sippy cup is transparent.
  • Baby Sippy cup has a scale on the cup, so you can clearly know how much water the baby drank.


  • Lightweight and unbreakable material.
  • Ideal for carrying outdoors.
  • The bottle has a handle that can be held firmly by small hands, making it very safe.


  • Clean the sippy cup before using; fill the cup with water (no more than 3/4)
  • Tighten the cover of the sippy cup to avoid water bleeding.
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Yellow, Orange, Blue, Pink, Green